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HGH Injections Facts

The majority of pharmaceutical corporations create human growth hormone for HGH injections.

The HGH injections were initially invented for kids with growing problems 1 that included a deficit of the hormone, since their pituitary gland wasn’t generating as much as was necessary.

After few years, specialists started investigating the effects of HGH injections on aging in grownups. The positive effects were pretty amazing.

The FDA authorized it for use on adults in the ninety’s. Still if you want to use HGH injections, you should get a prescription from a specialist.

synthetic HGH injections

HGH injections deliver the body large dose of synthetic human growth hormone that takes the place of the natural hormones produced by pituitary gland.

The HGH injections do not contain substances to help the pituitary gland produce growth hormone alone.  They instead assists the liver to exchange the HGH into growth factors or stimulates the body to use the growth factors.

Hgh injections are useful for expanding muscle mass, decreasing fat in the body, improved focus and healthier sleep.

They are also efficient in repairing damaged cells, making the bones strong in addition to defense of mental and physical health and also provides enhanced immune functions.

What Will HGH Injections Cost?

The cost of Human Growth Hormone therapy is not cheap. The average patient can expect pay several hundred dollars a month for HGH injections.

HGH Injections CostA single injection can cost a person anywhere from $75 to $300. Since the average person will need about two injections a month, the cost can add up fast.

Additionally, the injections can only be done at a doctor’s office, which means a person should add the price of a doctor’s visit (about $100 each visit) on top of the already growing medical bill.

Now before your brain starts buzzing with all the math, you may want to grab a calculator and add the cost of blood tests ($100 or more) as well as additional treatments should the HGH result in any negative side-effects.

This little number alone can mean paying upwards of several thousand dollars each year for HGH therapy – a pretty hefty price, if I do say so myself.

What other factors should you consider before investing in HGH? Keep reading to find out.

Insurance and HGH Injections

The average insurance provider should cover the cost of Human Growth Hormone therapy, but only if it’s acquired through a prescription (which is harder to come by than you think).

Typically, the prescription plan in most health insurances should defray the costs of the hormone, while at least some of the cost of doctor’s visits should be covered, but the copay can range anywhere from $25 to $100 every time they get HGH therapy, depending on the doctor and the insurance company.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies could pay only a portion of the cost of the testing associated with HGH injections. 2

In many cases, patients could receive a bill for the balance of the testing after it is completed.

This means that even those with insurance will have to pay a large portion of the cost of Human Growth Hormone therapy.

Tip – If you switch insurance companies, you should check to see if HGH therapy is covered in your new policies and how much will be covered.

When You Will Have to Pay For HGH Therapy Out of Pocket

Individuals who opt for HGH therapy because they think it makes them look or feel younger may not be able to get the therapy reimbursed by their insurance.

The insurance company could consider this a cosmetic procedure which is not covered by most health insurance polices.

Other Factors that Affect HGH Costs

There are some other factors that can affect the cost of Human Growth Hormone injections.

The condition for which the therapy is being administered can definitely affect the cost of the therapy.

If the person requires more injections or more tests, the costs will definitely be higher.

Those who suffer from Human Growth Hormone deficiency could require regular blood testing to allow the doctor to see how their condition is progressing.

Consequently, additional tests will result in additional costs.

The cost of treatment could also be increased if a person has to go to a specialist for the treatment.

Specialists typically tend to be more expensive than the ordinary doctor, which means some health insurance plans charge higher copays.

Health Hazards of Using HGH Injections

The growth hormone was discovered in the 1920s as a possible stimulant for muscle growth.

By the mid to late 1980s, scientists were able to reproduce the protein hormone by using recombinant DNA technology 3.

HGH anti aging supplements are now available in many forms, as the availability of large quantities of this recombinant hormone increased and therapeutic uses of the hormone became possible.

However, with the newer media and internet hype, a lot of false advertising has created unrealistic expectations and false hope in how HGH works and its effects on the body.

However, taking HGH by injection has the risk of abuse, which can lead to frequent and sometimes fatal side effects in the body.

Also, as this synthetic growth hormone is taken for years in a treatment cycle, the risk of side effects increases due to the long term treatment.

Risk of Side Effects Associated with HGH Injections

Using HGH injections, however, has greatly increased the danger of HGH misuse which sooner or later causes regular and serious side effects .

Growth Hormone Injections BannedVarious allergies
❌ Hormonal imbalances
❌ Fluid retention
❌ Painful joints
❌ High blood pressure
❌ Heart enlargement
❌ Heart attack
❌ Liver and kidney damage
❌ Kidney failure
❌ Carpal tunnel syndrome
❌ Higher risk of cancer
❌ Gigantism (Acromegaly)

Fluid retention, arthritis and other issues: In 1993 a clinical trial performed at Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee 4, reported that the subjects developed carpal tunnel syndrome and gynecomastia within weeks of starting injections. Thankfully all symptoms reversed soon after stopping the HGH treatment.

Heart enlargement: Your heart can become enlarged due to high dosing during HGH injections. The ramifications of this are unclear, but it makes it advisable to take injections under the care of a knowledgeable doctor.

Risk of Transmitting Diseases: Anytime needles, vials or other equipment is shared there is a risk of traces of blood, increasing the risk of the transmission of blood enter the blood stream 5, increasing risk of infection and inflammation due to damage to blood vessels.

Sterility of the substance being injected is also an issue, as this can increase risk of infection. In severe cases, injections that cause blood borne diseases such as hepatitis or HIV.

Additionally, if the skin is not properly cleaned prior to injection, dirt or bacteria me infection can cause thrombosis, ulcers and gangrene.

There is also the danger of injecting into veins and nerves when the HGH injection is given in a small muscle group.

Finally, you should definitely beware of unauthorized claims about the use of human growth hormone.

In addition to dangerous side effects, HGH injections are also quite expensive. HGH injections may cost you more than $20000 every year.

And be aware, to boost the results of growth hormone, you should continue using these injections to preserve high growth hormone levels.

HGH injections alternative

It is much better to go with a safe, natural herbal supplement that will help your body create naturally its own HGH. This is both healthier and more cost effective

HGH releasers are efficient alternative to HGH injections. They are much more affordable than injections, and 100% risk-free since they don’t include synthetic hgh.

On the contrary, HGH releasing supplements help to encourage your organism to generate and provide more of its own growth hormone.

Enjoy Youthful Vitality With GenF20 Plus Anti Aging Supplements

There’s no way to stop aging, but you can always do something to prevent the signs from showing up and affecting your well-being.

GenF20 Plus HGH BoosterScience has proven that as our bodies continue to age, it loses more and more significant levels of human growth hormone, which is necessary in keeping us physically youthful and vibrant.

This is know as adult HGH deficiency and it will happen to literally any men or women.

Today’s unhealthy lifestyle (poor diet programs, lack of rest and exercise, high amounts of stress, etc) can leave one looking older and wearier than he/she actually is.

Once a number of human growth hormones dip to low levels, it may have detrimental effects to one’s well-being. It can actually affect all the aspects of your health.

Now you can age even more gracefully with the help of anti aging supplements derived from the right mix of amino acids, nutrients and peptide.

Using this unique yet powerful formula, GenF20 Plus HGH releaser has been proven to supply users with the following benefits that are common for HGH:

A more youthful glow and appearance
✅ Increased muscle tone
Fat loss and speedier metabolism rate
✅ A super-charged sex drive
A revitalized body filled with boundless energy

How Does GenF20 Plus Work?

Designed as an HGH releaser, GenF20 Plus is responsible for helping your body retrieve the human growth hormone levels of your youth in a manner that is safe and all-natural.

Unlike other methods that rely on hazardous injections of synthetic HGH, the GenF20 Plus anti aging supplements is doctor recommended because it can reverse the signs of aging simply by encouraging your body to produce its own HGH.

According to GenF20 Plus reviews, these anti aging supplements contains the right amount of ingredients to instantly jump-start the normal functions of your pituitary gland, helping you turn back the hands of time!

Feel Younger and Healthier Everyday

By just taking two tablets of GenF20 Plus twice daily paired with the recommended dosage of oral spray, one can enjoy benefits of increased HGH levels such as:

Restore Youth With HGH ReleasersEffective weight loss – GenF20 Plus HGH releaser assists in the breakdown of fat cells, converting it to energy instead of fat deposits.

Aside from that, the human growth hormone also works to help keep your insulin levels within normal range, speed up your metabolism and develop more lean muscles.

Better sex life – A number of GenF20 Plus reviews and clinical studies have attested to how human growth hormone can affect one’s libido.

Not only does HGH heighten sex drive and pleasure, but it has also been said to reverse the shrinkage of both male and female’s private organs.

Given this, users who are already into their 60s and 70s can still enjoy the intense sensations they’ve had in their earlier years.

Gain more lean muscles – Another benefit of having more HGH in the body is that it also stimulates your body’s amino acid uptake, synthesizing the protein into muscle and other body tissues to give you that leaner and toner figure.

Feel and look better than ever – As one continues age, it is only normal for people to get tired easily and quickly lose energy.

In just two to three months of taking GenF20 Plus, users can already feel a major life difference, reporting that they now wake up feeling more energized and better than they used to.

It also helps that they see a big improvement in how they look.

Stay away from HGH injections, do not risk your health especially when you can use equally efficient but safe HGH releasers.

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